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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Natesy Awards

Hello dear readers,

"Nate Fitzgerald's love-of-turnips blog is by far the funniest on the Interweb" - QI host Stephen Fly*

*Host of pro-government Hunan quiz show Quite In-Sync-With-Party-Dogma, a Chinese television program in which guests earn points for giving the most politically acceptable answer to dull questions about quotas and five-year industrial plans

Well, I must say that I am absolutely exhausted this morning after attending the inaugural Natesy Awards. Guests were decked out in fashionable fur and collar (with bell) as well as cotton lounge trousers and plain blue t-shirt. With cider free-flowing, dinner was a culinary adventure consisting of assorted cheeses, Fray Bentos pie and mash, followed by always delectable Hobnobs. Though the selection committee debated such hosts as David Mitchell, Rob Brydon, Bill Bailey and Sarah Ferguson (who needed the money and would come cheap) the festivities were hosted by Nate Fitzgerald.

Winner: Best Blog: love-of-turnips.blogspot.com

Best Cat: Linus

Best web personality: Nate Fitzgerald

Yes, I've cleaned up and am now going to refer to my blog as award-winning in every missive I send or publish. I'm sure no one will care. Frankly, I believe with this post, the blog has sunk to an all-time low, which is remarkable given some of the drek* that's been slopped onto this site in the past...

*A great word, Yiddish in origin

I've reinstated comments and have added a new blog counter. The last one I had went belly up for some unknown reason and registered that I had 300+ hits from France and next to none from the UK and stayed that way for several months. Oh, free start-up technology. This one is more basic but will help convince publishers that my blog is a thriving enterprise. I've been reading up on publishing in the modern market place and editors want to know that you have a presence on Twitter (check) and a website for self-promotion (double check). There are other social media bits I'm missing, but given that Facebook treats personal information like yesterday's fish wrap, I'm not about to place my vitals in their grubby paws.

Remember, tell your friends about the blog. The more the merrier.

Stay well,