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Monday, March 26, 2012


Hello dear readers,

Well, I'm happy to report that I've had a positive encounter with a group of young, urban people. As many of you know, I haven't always been comfortable with teenagers, but have been working on giving them a chance to prove my prejudices wrong.

Yesterday I was wandering aimlessly about, window shopping, people watching, buying cheddar and apparently humming loudly to myself. You see, I often inhabit my own little world. It's empty and not much occurs, and the drapes are dingy, but the natives are nice and no one hassles me about rewearing the same trousers every day.

Anywho, I passed a group of young types hanging about and a female shouted, "Sh'boom, dance it out!"

Now, I was momentarily taken aback, and knew the encounter could go one of two ways, the most likely with me frowning, muttering about social values and stomping away.

Instead, I decided to oblige, and gave them a slight wiggle of the hips and a tip of my cap, thus leaving them in laughter. Had their thoughts been amplified, I believe the words, "You're alright, Geez" would have been heard.

And they would have been correct, for I am.

So, there you go. Despite media reports and occasional rioting, not all young people are out to stab you in the face. It's nice to know.

Housekeeping: I'm currently working on my fantasy dinner party. Right now, I've got Lee Mack and Michael Caine. The long-list is quite ... well, long, so the final guest list is proving difficult, never mind the food and what I'm going to wear. I may run heats in the days ahead and allow voting. Stay tuned.

Or better yet, make a suggestion in the comment section!

Stay well!


  1. terry pratchett so as he can give you a lift to that clinic in Switzerland and end this stupid blog.

  2. I've never been a big fan of Mr Pratchett's writing. Though your post has made me consider fondue as a starter. Thanks for reading, DrDeath. Please tell your friends.