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Friday, March 28, 2014

Jack the Lad

Hello dear readers,

Well, I think we've all been mourning this week with the demise of Wedgewood Benn. While the degree to which he pursuits certain ideas could sometimes lack the pragmatic touch needed at the moment in time (nationalisation of the banks, for instance), he was true to himself, not to mention always out of step with modern times in that he actually believed in something.

At least we on the left still have Ed Milliband. We do still have Ed Milliband, right? I mean, the economy isn't exactly ticking along, the Shard apparently has an inbuilt magnet that draws economic migrants from Eastern Europe and George Osborne still has all the charm of a constipated deer tick, so surely it's easy pickings for the Leader of the Opposition.

Paging Mr Milliband...

My other insight for the week involves flossing. Why of all the oral hygeine-related tasks is it so hard to adhere to? I mean, it doesn't take a great deal of time, and the benefits are clear. Is it the blood? Does it feel too much like we're throttling a piglet every time we grip and pull tartar and assorted foodstuffs?

Oh, and finally, rather most excitedly, on the lady front, I had a bit of a snog with someone from work. We had drinks and a Chinese and I managed to cram my face into hers briefly as we parted. You may indeed call me Jack the Lad. Mind you, I can't kiss and tell (though to some degree, I realise I have done just that...) but we shall see how things transpire.

Another good question: why do I perspire when aroused? Is this normal? Do others? Surely this can't be a positive genetic trait, unless it's designed to provide a pheromonial signal that I am an acceptable mate. If any science types out there are reading, please do leave a comment.

Stay well,



  1. Hi Nate. Thoroughly enjoyed your post. I was alerted to your writings by our mutual friend, Sandy Paterson. Im quite new to the 'reply to my blog' world, so please forgive me in advance for any mistakes. I liked your profile and found many things which we have in common, except for the egg sandwiches thing. But then, Im considered something of a weirdo in my household for having an aversion to eggs, but that's for another day. Sandy and I are in agreement about your 'incredibly flawed' comment on Tony Benn. Just wondered what you meant by it. Not a criticism, by the way, just interested. That said, I look forward to your blogs as I am now following you. 100% agreement about the Ukraine.

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  3. The post has been updated to be more precise in my hedging on Mr Benn. My original wording was poorly formulated.